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Archives for December 2017

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A Biblical Theology of God's Temple: The Presence of God at Jerusalem (Part 4)


Whereas in our last posting we examined God’s instruction at Mount Sinai to build a tabernacle so that his presence might go with Israel into the land of Canaan, this week we examine the way in which this mobile tabernacle ultimately became a full-fledged, permanent temple at Jerusalem. We will observe how this transition occurred, what similarities are shared between th...

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He is Ours

planet copy

I wrote this blog post weeks ago but never posted. The day I wrote this, my morning devotional took me to John 20:11-18 where Jesus, after having been crucified, buried, and raised, appears to Mary Magdalene at the entrance of his empty tomb. As we are going through the book of John on Sundays, this weekend we came to this text. Although there is a lot in this passage, and...

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