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Archives for February 2019

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Parenthood in the Local Church: Part 2, Family Worship

Blog_2.15.19_Family worship

I am so grateful that the Lord put me in a home where my dad regularly led us in family worship growing up. I know that this is not the norm for most people today. The family is being more and more torn apart. Not only in terms of redefining what the family is, but also in terms of the growing demands for our time, and the endless onslaught of entertainment that seem to cr...

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True Christianity


True Christianity is the miracle of new life. We can’t earn this life. We can’t obtain this life by our own performance or sincerity. It comes completely by a gift of free grace. That’s how Peter opens his letter in 1:1, “To those who have obtained a faith.” In other words, True Christianity is something that happens to you, just like birth. ...

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It is not a doctrine to fight over. It is a doctrine that fights for us....

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Parenthood in the Local Church: Part 1, The Gospel


My husband makes fun of me because I hate instruction manuals. “Just let me figure it out; I learn better that way!” I insist. Besides the fact I may ruin (have ruined?) a project before I even begin, he tells me that I miss out on so much by not reading the manual and thus not understanding the maker’s intentions for and capabilities of a device....

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