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Ever Present Help


John 16:1-15

Jesus provides for the greatest troubles you will face in this life by giving you the Holy Spirit.

In our passage, Jesus said that the Holy Spirit would come to us and perform three important things:


  1. He would convict the world.
  2. He would guide the apostles into all truth. 
  3. He would glorify Christ.

The world is subject to the Holy Spirit.

The Scriptures are created by the Holy Spirit.

Christ is enjoyed by the Holy Spirit.

If you are a Christian, the Holy Spirit has provided for your greatest needs. You are a Christian solely because of the Holy Spirit. You understand the truth of Scripture solely because of the Holy Spirit. When you enjoy Christ, when He is precious to your soul, it is the Holy Spirit that accomplishes that. What did you face this week that the Holy Spirit wasn’t the answer for? If the Holy Spirit supports you against the hatred and persecution of the world, certainly He is abundantly able to help you in your daily trials. The Holy Spirit is not an impersonal “it.” Jesus refers to the Holy Spirit as “He” or “Him” or “His” twelve times in this passage. The Spirit not some abstract power source. It wouldn’t be to our advantage to have a non-personal power come instead of the Personal Christ. The Holy Spirit is just as much of a Person as the Divine Father, and the Divine Son. And He is our the ever-present help in time of need.


*This Blog post is an excerpt from the sermon, It is to Your Advantage that I Go Away. For a complete written transcript or audio download of the sermon, please visit the sermon page HERE.*


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