Sunday School Class – What He Must Be if He Is Going to Marry My Daughter

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We will be going over the material in the book What He Must Be If He Wants to Marry My Daughter by Voddie Baucham. This will not be a book study (so purchasing the book is not required to come to the class), but all the teaching will be from the book.
There is a great need to think about our children and the inevitable time when they will think about marriage and relationships. We as parents, need to teach our daughters and sons about what they are to be looking for in a spouse and then partner with them to find that spouse.
The world has planted bad seeds about dating and marriage and the bad fruit is evident for all to see. Divorce is rampant, people are now marrying later or cohabitating and putting the cart before the horse. This has created large amounts of fatherlessness, broken families, and children who will carry this unfortunate legacy on into their future.
The hope of our class is to pinpoint what has gone wrong and develop a plan to teach our sons and daughters, to plant good seeds, to bear good fruit, and develop a good marriage legacy moving forward.