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Women's Dessert Potluck and Prayer Meeting

April 25, 2019

7:00pm – 9:00pm

Location: 8357 Stetson Drive, Boise, ID 83709

Category: Women's Ministry | Coordinator: Beverly Reininger
While we have taken the month of April off from our regular study through Colossians because of Women's Retreat, we still wanted to be purposeful to meet together.
Sisters, it is so important that we pray together!! Why? First, the very first word in The Lord's Prayer when Jesus teaches us how to pray in Matthew 6:9 is OUR. Not My Father or Your Father, but Our Father. That is quite profound. While private prayer is certainly important (Matthew 6:5), prayer is not only for the individual. Jesus teaches us that is it also necessarily a community event. It is for the church. Your sisters need to see you and to hear from you. Second, in his book on prayer, John Onwuchekwa likens prayer for the Christian to breathing. It is necessary for our existence as Christians. Beyond that, because it is something that should be so natural and necessary to our beings, it does not take experts. Back to Matthew 6:5, cleverly scripted prayers are not what our Lord desires, but He does desire us to come to him together as sisters, broken, contrite, and needy. As we heard in the sermon March 31, we don't even have to use our own words! We can (and should) pray Scripture. God has given us 66 books of prayer content! So, please come pray with us! We will pray for our church, local community, country, and world, but will also have a focused emphasis on prayer for our upcoming women's retreat. 
In our February meeting, were so inspired by hearing all of your favorite desserts! So, we will also make this a "Bring Your Favorite Dessert" Potluck. We will start worship and prayer at 7pm, end promptly at 8pm, and then enjoy dessert and fellowship together. Even if you haven't been coming to our regular women's ministry meetings, and even if you are unable to come to retreat, please join us for this very special evening! 

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