10:15 A.M. Sunday Service

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Join us every Sunday morning before our corporate worship service at 9:30AM for Sunday School. This class is designed for all ages, and parents are encouraged to bring their children!!

We are currently going through the New City Catechism. Catechism is simply a summary of beliefs. The world offers its own catechism, but one that is contrary to Scripture. Therefore, we believe it is not only beneficial, but crucial that catechesis happens in the church both for adults and children, and this is clearly commanded in Scripture (1 Peter 3:15, Deuteronomy 6:7, Matthew 28:20.) For more information and reasons for Catechism, please visit THIS sermon on the Practice of Catechism. 

For continued study of the catechism questions throughout the week, HERE is a helpful resource list.

We also offer a separate 15-20 minute Catechism class that begins immediately after service each week for children ages 11 and younger.