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Parenthood in the Local Church: Part 1, The Gospel


My husband makes fun of me because I hate instruction manuals. “Just let me figure it out; I learn better that way!” I insist. Besides the fact I may ruin (have ruined?) a project before I even begin, he tells me that I miss out on so much by not reading the manual and thus not understanding the maker’s intentions for and capabilities of a device....

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The Joy of the Lord

Blog_1.30.19_The Joy of the Lord

This weekend’s sermon really broke my heart. I’ll commend it to you here in its entirety. In briefest summary, we see from John 18:12-27 the account of the split screen drama of Peter’s unfaithfulness and three time denial of Jesus, all the while Jesus is standing as the faithful groom to his bride. If Peter, Jesus’ special disciple, can do this, how much worse am ...

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Our Stubborn God


Many of us have never thought of stubbornness as a positive quality. In fact, the first definition listed for "stubborn" in Merriam-Webster is "unreasonably or perversely unyielding: MULISH" Yikes! But the second listed definition is this: "justifiably unyielding: RESOLUTE." Now that is a different case all together. That is the kind of stubborn our God is. Justifyably uny...

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Parenthood in the Local Church


When my husband and I first came to understand Reformed Theology, we were in what I call our “Little Years.” My oldest son was a year old, I was pregnant with our second, and a couple years later I would have our third. I’m grateful for God’s timing in this, because as my husband and I were growing in our theology and knowledge of God, our children were too little ...

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The Injury of Antinomianism

Blog_1.21.19_The Injury of Antinomianism

This gets to the very heart of the gospel. The reason why the gospel is good is not because of the benefits that we receive from it. The gospel is not good primarily because we gain freedom, or peace, or forgiveness of sins. The gospel is good because we gain Jesus Christ Himself. Christ himself is the gospel. The false teachers were treating Christ as a means to an end. T...

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The Only Light in this Present Darkness

Blog_12.30.18_The  Only Light

It is a strange time of year, Christmas. For some it awakens feelings of joy and comfort, for some it brings the nostalgia of days past, and for others it is a harsh reminder of loss that stirs fresh grief and pain in our hearts. Sometimes it is a mixture of them all. Either way, one can hardly enter this season without being forced to face some sort of depth of emotion an...

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How to Read Your Bible for the New Year

Blog_12.30.18_The Crisis of Authority

But there is another view of the Bible. This view affirms the Bible’s own testimony of itself, namely that this book it is not a product of man but has been breathed out by God Himself (2 Timothy 3:16). It claims that if this Word is believed...

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In Preparation

Blog_12.13.18_In Preparation_03

Advent simply means “a coming.” The lights come out, the decorations appear, the music plays… This year my oldest said, “I just love the feeling that comes with this time of year.” And he is right. The world will try to steal the glory replacing the manger with images of Santa, replacing giving with consumerism, replacing O Holy Night with Jingle Bell Rock, but w...

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A Biblical Theology of the Temple: The Presence of God in the Babylonian Exile (Part 4)


Last time, we observed God’s continued faithfulness to his people in his overseeing of Solomon’s construction of the temple at Jerusalem, a place wherein his presence would dwell and where all his people, even foreigners, could come to seek him and find him in prayer. Furthermore, we also noted that the temple’s creation...

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My Pastor Calls Me a Failure


“Why do you feel like a failure?” I heard him ask. “Because you are one.” My flesh wanted to rise up to fight that statement, but my heart knew it was true. All that Jesus has to work with is failures....

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