The Well Church Sermon Podcast




The Gospel For Life

Four Treasure Valley pastors – all committed to showing that the Gospel is not just for the religious part of your life; rather, it is for all of life. You never graduate from the Gospel. Josh Bales (The Well Church), Russell Herman (Cloverdale United Reformed Church), Phil Moran (Christ Presbyterian Church), and Jonathan Van Hoogen (Dayspring Reformed Church) host The Gospel For Life weekdays at 8 AM MST.



The Gospel Changes Everything

The most pressing issue of the Church today is how we, as Christians, view the Gospel.

Tragically, the Gospel has often been shrink wrapped in our churches, neatly placed on the shelf next to the self-help books, and only brought out when the unconverted are among us. “The Gospel- that’s elementary stuff. But now that we’re in, we need more advanced stuff to get along.” This thinking is tragic! The Gospel is the advanced stuff and the Gospel is the basic stuff, and the Gospel is all the stuff that we need for everything in between.

The Gospel Changes Everything!