The Second Plague: Frogs From The Underworld - Exodus 8:1-15 Lord of the Animal World Lord of the Underworld Lord of the New World
The First Plague: River of Blood - Exodus 7:14-25 • Blood and the Supremacy of Worship • Blood and the Terrible Judgment • Blood and the Great Battle
The Staff That Became a Serpent That Swallowed the Curse - Exodus 7:1-13
The Gospel According to Moses' Genealogy - Exodus 6:14-30 Every genealogy in Scripture tells the story of notorious sinners and the Savior who saved them.
The Grace of a Spiritual Reset - Exodus 6:1-13 Whenever despair darkens our paths, God provides the grace of spiritual reset by reminding us who He is and what He…
Bearing the Failings of Others Just as Christ Bore Ours - Romans 15:1-3 God commands us to bear with the ‘smaller sins’ of each other, because Christ has already bore…
Satan's Devices to Divide the People of God - Exodus 5:10-23 One of Satan's favorite devices is to divide the people of God by turning them against their leaders.

Battle of the Gods

January 29, 2023
Battle of the Gods - Exodus 5:1-9 Principle 1: The uncovered man is an enemy of God in his thoughts, will and affections. Principle 2: It's not whether you worship…

How the Exodus Began

January 22, 2023

A Bridegroom of Blood

January 15, 2023
A Bridegroom of Blood - Exodus 4:24-26 Believer’s children belong to the Lord, and He would have us put his covenantal mark of ownership and sacrifice upon them.
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