King on the Mountain

November 26, 2023
King on the Mountain - Exodus 17:8-16 Christ's session includes His sitting at the right hand of the throne of God, scepter in hand, making continual intercession for us, and…

I Am the Sabbath

November 19, 2023
I Am the Sabbath - Exodus 16:22-36 Jesus Christ is the True Sabbath and He commands us to rest in Him every Sabbath Day

And the Rock Was Christ

November 19, 2023
And the Rock Was Christ - Exodus 17:1-7 God struck Christ for our sin and supplied the Spirit for our sanctification, therefore we ought never to test Him.
The Feast in the Wilderness - Exodus 16:1-21
The New Tree of Life for a New Creation - Exodus 15:22-27 Jesus Christ - the Tree of Life - heals all our bitter sin, so that we would be…
The Heart of Israel's Song by the Sea - Exodus 15:1-21 The Redeemed sing to the LORD for there is no one who can compare to Him in Heaven above…
The Crushing of the Dragon in the Midst of the Sea - Exodus 14:15-31
The LORD Will Fight for You - Exodus 14:1-14
All the Way My Savior Leads Me - Exodus 13:17-22

The Firstborn Offering

September 17, 2023
The Firstborn Offering - Exodus 13:1-16
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