King on the Mountain

November 26, 2023
King on the Mountain - Exodus 17:8-16 Christ's session includes His sitting at the right hand of the throne of God, scepter in hand, making continual intercession for us, and…

And the Rock Was Christ

November 19, 2023
And the Rock Was Christ - Exodus 17:1-7 God struck Christ for our sin and supplied the Spirit for our sanctification, therefore we ought never to test Him.

I Am the Sabbath

November 12, 2023
I Am the Sabbath - Exodus 16:22-36 Jesus Christ is the True Sabbath and He commands us to rest in Him every Sabbath Day
The Feast in the Wilderness - Exodus 16:1-21
The New Tree of Life for a New Creation - Exodus 15:22-27 Jesus Christ - the Tree of Life - heals all our bitter sin, so that we would be…
The Heart of Israel's Song by the Sea - Exodus 15:1-21 The Redeemed sing to the LORD for there is no one who can compare to Him in Heaven above…
The Crushing of the Dragon in the Midst of the Sea - Exodus 14:15-31
The LORD Will Fight for You - Exodus 14:1-14
All the Way My Savior Leads Me - Exodus 13:17-22

The Firstborn Offering

September 17, 2023
The Firstborn Offering - Exodus 13:1-16
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