The Ruin of Israel and the Riches of the World 1 Corinthians 15:25; Luke 21:20-24 When Christ left Israel’s house desolate in A.D. 70 (i.e. He put her under His…
The Big Idea: When Christ entered history, He bound Satan and began to plunder his house, and that plundering will continue until he is completely under Christ’s feet.
The Big Idea: The gospels tell a story of Jesus' Kingdom progressively increasing in history such that the mustard seed becomes a tree, and the whole lump is leavened.
The Big Idea: The Prophets tell a story of a great future kingdom where the mountain of the Lord fills the earth and the nations learn war no more.
The Big Idea: The Psalms tell a story of a great future kingdom where the ends of the earth shall turn to the Lord, and all the families of the…
The Big Idea: At the resurrection a new Kingdom was born in which Christ is King, and He will reign until the world comes under His dominion.
The Big Idea: Through one man’s sin came death for all humankind, through one Man’s resurrection came life for all God’s Church
The Big Idea: The denial of a physical bodily resurrection is the ruin of all humanity.
A believer’s conversion is the third greatest proof of the resurrection of Jesus Christ
The Big Idea: Vain belief in the gospel will not produce salvation.