Public worship must be done orderly, because God is not the author of confusion but of peace.
In corporate worship unintelligibility (tongues without interpretation) is a sign of God’s judgment, whereas comprehension (preaching) is a sign of God’s power and presence.
The rule of love in corporate worship is that private experience must always surrender to public edification.
Big Idea: God has empowered every Christian with a spiritual gift in order to build up the church, therefore we must earnestly desire the spiritual gifts
Heaven will be as full of love as the waters cover the sea, therefore choose love to be your end in all things.
Love can never be conquered, therefore all Christians are enabled to bear, believe, hope and endure all things.
Loving God and others is absolutely dependent on rejoicing with the truth revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord.
Refusing to forgive others when they are repentant is altogether opposed to true Christian love, therefore love keeps no record of wrong.
Sinful anger is exposed when it is a greater sin to offend you than God, when your kingdom is a greater concern than Christ’s, when your response is a work…
Living for yourself is the greatest evil you can do to yourself, to your neighbor, and to your God, therefore love is not self-centered.