Refusing to forgive others when they are repentant is altogether opposed to true Christian love, therefore love keeps no record of wrong.
Sinful anger is exposed when it is a greater sin to offend you than God, when your kingdom is a greater concern than Christ’s, when your response is a work…
Living for yourself is the greatest evil you can do to yourself, to your neighbor, and to your God, therefore love is not self-centered.

Love is not Proud

October 10, 2021
Pride is that vilest and cruelest deformity which turns men into monsters, therefore love is never proud.

Love does not Envy

September 26, 2021
Envy is the great destroyer of civilizations, therefore love does not envy.

Love is Kind

September 12, 2021
Kindness is a fruit of the Holy Spirit whereby you freely and gladly do good to others whenever they have need and you have ability.

Love is Patient

September 5, 2021
To love is to be long-suffering (patient) with others, to bear up under their injuries and offenses towards you.
Love is the soul of all things-neither the greatest privileges nor the greatest performances can make up for a lack of it; therefore, above all else, put on love.
Just as God has made our physical body parts to be dependent on each other, so He has made each one of us—Christos Soma—to be dependent on one another.
The Church is the one body of Christ, every member baptized in the one Spirit, all arranged by the one God, therefore to devalue or exaggerate any one gift is…