The Eighth Plague and the War for Covenant Children - Exodus 10: 10-20 Covenant children are the battleground for the historic fight between Yahweh and the Dragon
The Seventh Plague: Stones From the Sky - Exodus 9:18-35 The Seeker The Sovereign The Stormbreaker
A God-Centered Exodus for a Man-Centered World - Exodus 9:13-17 Everything God does in the cosmos is for the sake of His own Name
The Sixth Plague: Egypt Becomes a Furnace Exodus 9:8-12 Principle 1: Throughout history God has foreshadowed the final judgment as a burning furnace. Principle 2: God's ordinary way of mercy…
The Fifth Plague: The Smashing of Egypt's Golden Calves - Exodus 9:1-7 God's ordinary way of mercy is to crush a people's gods before He crushes that people.
The Fourth Plague: Lord of the Flies The Divine Pursuer The Divine Distinction The Divine Deliverer
The Third Plague: The Finger of God - Exodus 8:16-19
The Second Plague: Frogs From The Underworld - Exodus 8:1-15 Lord of the Animal World Lord of the Underworld Lord of the New World
The First Plague: River of Blood - Exodus 7:14-25 • Blood and the Supremacy of Worship • Blood and the Terrible Judgment • Blood and the Great Battle
The Staff That Became a Serpent That Swallowed the Curse - Exodus 7:1-13