Who Is the Real King of Egypt? - Exodus 3:16-22 • King Over All Redemption (v.16-17) • King Over All Rule (v.18) • King Over All Resolve (v.19-21a) • King…

What Is His Name?

December 4, 2022
What is His Name? - Exodus 3:13-15
The Peculiar Presence of Christ With His People - Exodus 3: 10-12 When Christ commissions His people, He grants His peculiar presence which guarantees our victory.
Who will Inherit the Earth? Exodus 3:7-9
Jesus Christ in the Burning Bush - Exodus 3:1-6 In Jesus Christ there exists the most wonderful union of seemingly contrary excellencies, and by beholding Him your soul will never…
The God Who Always Remembers His Covenant - Exodus 2:23-25 Every deliverance God has wrought throughout history hails from His covenant of grace.

The School of Affliction

October 16, 2022
The School of Affliction - Exodus 2:15-22 God appoints His deliverers to great affliction so that they can tenderly sympathize with His suffering people.
His Own Received Him Not - Exodus 2:11-15 All saviors are rejected by the very people they are trying to save, thus is the madness of sin.
The Dragon State and the Birth of a Savior - Exodus 1:22-2:10 The Dragon’s goal (and his image the Dragon-state) has always been to kill the Seed of the Woman,…
How Defying Tyrants Invites the Blessings of God - Exodus 1:15-21 The LORD blesses His people when they defy tyrants.