The Gospel According to Moses' Genealogy - Exodus 6:14-30 Every genealogy in Scripture tells the story of notorious sinners and the Savior who saved them.
The Grace of a Spiritual Reset - Exodus 6:1-13 Whenever despair darkens our paths, God provides the grace of spiritual reset by reminding us who He is and what He…
Satan's Devices to Divide the People of God - Exodus 5:10-23 One of Satan's favorite devices is to divide the people of God by turning them against their leaders.

Battle of the Gods

January 29, 2023
Battle of the Gods - Exodus 5:1-9 Principle 1: The uncovered man is an enemy of God in his thoughts, will and affections. Principle 2: It's not whether you worship…

How the Exodus Began

January 22, 2023

A Bridegroom of Blood

January 15, 2023
A Bridegroom of Blood - Exodus 4:24-26 Believer’s children belong to the Lord, and He would have us put his covenantal mark of ownership and sacrifice upon them.
I Will Harden His Heart - Exodus 4:18- 23
Questioning God's Calling - Exodus 4:10-17 When God calls you to a specific burden, your success doesn't depend on your ability but on His power alone.

Three Signs of Christ

December 18, 2022
Three Signs of Christ - Exodus 4:1-9 God tells us the story of Jesus Christ delivering us from our slavery to sin through wonderful signs that we may believe.
Who Is the Real King of Egypt? - Exodus 3:16-22 • King Over All Redemption (v.16-17) • King Over All Rule (v.18) • King Over All Resolve (v.19-21a) • King…